New inlet feed gas conditioning technology for contaminant removal in amine units


While many amine units function well over the life of the LNG facility, some are prone to periodic or even frequent foaming events. This article discusses likely causes and potential solutions to these foaming episodes in amine units, which also apply to gas treating in general.

Niger bans exports of liquefied petroleum gas

Niger has banned all exports of LPG until further notice, the government said in a statement.

Pakistan receives first shipment of Russian LPG, Russian embassy says

Pakistan has received its first shipment of LPG from Russia, Moscow's embassy in Islamabad said, marking Islamabad's second major Russian energy purchase.

India cuts prices of cooking gas as inflation bites

India cut the price of cooking gas for households on Tuesday by about 18% to rein in inflation ahead of crucial state and general elections.

Suez Canal tugboat sinks after collision with LPG tanker

A Suez Canal tugboat sank and one of its crew was missing after it collided with a Hong Kong-flagged LPG tanker though shipping traffic in the strategically important waterway was largely unaffected, the canal authority said.

Nigerians turn to gas to power their generators as petrol prices soar

Nigerians modify their home power generators to run on LPG rather than gasoline.

Russia's Taman port set to suspend LPG exports over drone danger

Russia's Black Sea port of Taman is poised to suspend exports of highly-explosive liquefied petroleum gas because of concerns linked to drone attacks.

Russia's Sibur switches to yuan for LPG settlements with China

Sibur, Russia's largest LPG exporter, in 2022 switched fully to conducting financial settlements with China in yuan, Russia's state news agency cited a top manager at the company as saying.

GAIL plans $4.9-B ethane cracker in West India

GAIL Ltd, the country's top gas supplier, plans to build a $4.89-B ethane cracker near its LNG import plant in Western India as it seeks to meet an expected surge in demand.

Poland bought less Russian LPG in 2022, ramped up re-exports to Ukraine

Poland bought less LPG from Russia last year as it sought to diversify its sources in the wake of the war in Ukraine, data shows, although it remained Russia's top customer for the fuel and ramped up re-exports to Ukraine.

Fire breaks out at gas processing plant in Kazakhstan

A fire broke out at a gas processing plant on the Zhanazhol gas condensate field in Kazakhstan, local authorities and the company developing the field said.

Asia petchem producers plan to switch to LPG after price slump

Several Asian petrochemical producers plan to switch a portion of their feedstock from naphtha to cheaper liquefied petroleum gas late in the second quarter as the price gap between the two fuels has widened.

Russian gas cargoes cross Crimea bridge after 4-month wait

Three gas carriers loaded with butane and propane crossed the Russia-built Crimea bridge over April 12-14 after a four-month wait and set sail for their destinations.

Russia's Sibur exports LPG to Africa, Middle East and Asia as EU cuts buying

Sibur, the largest producer and exporter of LPG in Russia, redirected exports to Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the past three months.

LPG-fueled LPG carrier "Captain Markos" delivered

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced it has delivered the 84,000 m3 capacity LPG carrier CAPTAIN MARKOS. This is the 70th LPG carrier built by the company.

China’s LNG imports to show small rebound in 2023

China’s liquefied natural gas imports fell sharply in 2022 because of the disruption caused by lockdowns to control the coronavirus epidemic and the massive exit wave of infections when they were lifted.