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Brayton refrigeration cycles for small-scale LNG
-Mark J. Roberts, Fei Chen, Öznur Saygı-Arslan, August 01, 2015

LNG is an industrial process of great importance, with a worldwide baseload production capacity of approximately 300 metric MMtpy, primarily from large-scale baseload LNG plants with capacities of 3 metric MMtpy to 8 metric MMtpy per processing train.

Commercializing flared gas for the Nigerian market through small-scale liquefaction
-Tuka Kuru, Elijah Iyagba, August 01, 2015

Natural gas is an underutilized energy and chemical resource in Nigeria, despite the country having 187 Tcf of proven reserves.

Gas processing news
-H. Meche, August 01, 2015

For the last three decades, chemical companies worldwide have been working to develop a process to convert methane into ethylene.

Limit single-source peak flaring load with staggered depressurization
-Ajay Vyas, August 01, 2015

Emergency depressurization is an important safeguarding measure to reduce the failure potential of a vessel.

Predict gas hydrate formation temperature with a simple correlation
-Mani Safamirzaei, August 01, 2015

Hydrate formation temperature (HFT) can be precisely predicted using a new, simple correlation.

Setting the stage for the future of smaller-scale GTL
-Neville Hargreaves, August 01, 2015

In May 1954, athlete Roger Bannister broke the four-minute-mile barrier—something that, only a few years prior, experts had stated was impossible.

The new GTL: Small-scale technology will propel GTL ahead
-Sam Golan, August 01, 2015

The unlocking of shale gas reserves through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has stimulated interest in the oil and gas industry in GTL technologies.

US Industry Metrics
-Adrienne Blume, August 01, 2015

In the US, Henry Hub natural gas spot prices hit a brief spike above $3/MMBtu in May, but then swung back down into the range of $2.50/MMBtu–$3/MMBtu, where they had bounced through most of March and April.

Western Canada welcomes expanding gas supply, processing capacity
-Jeannie Stell, August 01, 2015

Gas processing plant utilization is fairly steady in Canada, despite oil price levels that have impacted propane and ethane values.

What’s new in gas processing technology
-H. Meche, August 01, 2015

Burckhardt Compression has received a number of orders for its Laby-GI compressor system for fuel gas supply.


Market data is delayed and provided by Barchart.


Boxscore Construction Analysis
-Lee Nichols
On the west bank of the Nile River, just on the outskirts of Cairo, sit the Great Pyramids of Giza.
Editorial comment
-Adrienne Blume
Small-scale gas processing projects are reaching a broader audience as companies seek niche solutions for monetizing stranded and associated gas reserves.
Executive Q&A viewpoint-Dandashly
-Hasan Dandashly
Gas Processing spoke to Hasan Dandashly, president and CEO of Downstream Technology Solutions for GE Oil and Gas, about the role of small-scale LNG in the evolving natural gas marketplace, the challenges and opportunities for implementing small-scale gas processing in different world regions, and the outlook for floating LNG (FLNG).
Executive Q&A viewpoint-Schuetzle
-Robert Schuetzle
All fuels are not created equal, claims Greyrock Energy.
Industry perspective
-Steve Kresnyak, Robert Schuetzle, Dennis Schuetzle
NGL production is growing fast. According to RBN Energy, NGL production from natural gas processing increased in the US from 1.7 MMbpd in 2009 to almost 3 MMbpd in 2014, and is expected to continue growing to 4.5 MMbpd by 2019. NGL production far exceeds demand, and the gap is growing.

US Gas Plant 120 250

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