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Design for ultra-high-pressure H2S removal from natural gas
-Paul Roberts, August 01, 2016

What are the pressure design limits for natural gas H2S removal and associated dehydration facilities?

Develop successful nearshore FLNG solutions—Part 1: Gas pretreatment strategies
-Saeid Mokhatab, August 01, 2016

Movement has been seen in offshore floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) developments.

Floating LNG's evolution from FPSO
-September 14, 2016

Several decades of reliable track records with LNG onshore plant development and floating production, storage and offloading have given gas field developers the confidence to build FLNG vessels.

Gas processing news
-Bob Andrew, August 01, 2016

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) recently celebrated an important milestone—its 75th anniversary.

Manage activated carbon effects on MDEA solution foaming
-David Engel, Scott Williams, August 01, 2016

In the oil and gas industry, activated carbon (AC) is used in many applications, both as an adsorbent and as a support media for chemical reagents.

Market development is key to success for small-scale LNG
-Simon Bonini, Ajey Chandra, August 01, 2016

The small-scale LNG (SSLNG) industry continues to grow, driven largely by rising environmental factors.

New in gas processing technology
-Bob Andrew, August 01, 2016

Maintenance, repairs and unplanned downtime in manufacturing can be costly, and the corrosive effect of polluted or contaminated air in production facilities is often the culprit.

Opportunities and challenges for small-scale LNG commercialization
-Romel Bhullar, August 01, 2016

The rapid development of the unconventional gas supply chain in North America could have a game-changing impact on large-scale and mega-gas processing/liquefaction facilities.

Prevent hydrate formation with high-pressure deethanizer design
-Chyuan-Chung (C. C.) Chen, Yen-Shan (Amy) Liu, August 01, 2016

To produce high-purity ethane from a wet NGL feed, a high-pressure deethanizer design has been developed to prevent hydrate formation without using a dehydration unit.

US Industry Metrics
-Adrienne Blume, August 01, 2016

In the US, Henry Hub natural gas spot prices began climbing in late June, rising to just under $3/MMBtu by early July.


Market data is delayed and provided by Barchart.


Editorial comment
-Adrienne Blume
Small-scale gas processing operations are ramping up around the world, particularly in the LNG sector.
Executive Q&A viewpoint
-Sam Golan
The shale revolution has caused a natural gas boom in the Marcellus shale play that has been a victim of its own success.
Publisher's Letter
-Catherine Watkins
These are unprecedented times in the oil and gas industry.
Regional Perspectives
-Ebrahim Salehi
Iran has the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves at 1,201 Tcf, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy,1 and it is the fourth-largest natural gas producer in the world.

Model Based Approaches to Achieve Operational Excellence in Natural Gas Processing
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Adoption of a model-based culture has great potential to improve the performance of Natural Gas Processing operations. Throughout the entire plant lifecycle, from master planning and feasibility studies to design, start-up, operation and debottlenecking, process and economic models can be used to improve profitability for the various business scenarios encountered. This webinar will provide a glimpse of the many opportunities available for Natural Gas Processors to incorporate a model based culture to achieve operational excellence with greater agility. Various process and economic modeling approaches will be explained as well as the potential benefits that may be expected. Actual examples of the effective use of process and economic models that have provided a competitive edge for Natural Gas Processors will also be presented.
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