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Evolution and innovation for an increasingly dispersed LNG market
-John G. Baguley, Richard Wheeler, March 01, 2021

The LNG industry must adapt to changing market conditions to grow, thrive and reach its full potential.

Gas Processing News
-Adrienne Blume, March 01, 2021

BCCK Holding Co. (BCCK) signed an agreement with Archaea Energy to provide a 13,700-sft3/min Style IV NiTech nitrogen rejection unit (NRU) to the world’s largest high-BTU landfill gas-to-energy plant in Pennsylvania, U.S.

Global Project Data
-Lee Nichols, March 01, 2021

According to Shell, global LNG demand is forecast to nearly double to 700 MMtpy by 2040.

Mitigate fouling in process units via advanced analysis
-Scott Williams, David Engel, March 01, 2021

Fouling, or the undesired accumulation of solid material on a surface, is an increasingly prevalent and challenging problem in processing plants across many industries.

New in Gas Processing Technology
-Adrienne Blume, March 01, 2021

Remote inspection technology specialist Air Control Entech has developed a lightweight, optical gas imaging inspection system for use in global oil and gas inspection.

Obtain accurate NOX values for strategies to reduce emissions from combustion
-Gy Zhao, Ling Liu, Mo-Song Li, March 01, 2021

In the process of developing low-nitrogen-oxide-emissions (NOX) combustion appliances, the request for the volume of NOX emissions from the tail flame is given in milligrams/kilowatt hour (mg/kWh) in almost all national and regional standards and related certifications.

Process technologies for LNG production
-Lorenzo Micucci, March 01, 2021

LNG is purified natural gas converted into liquid form. In this physical state, NGL takes up 1/600th the volume of gas in its natural form,

Reduce emissions and save energy with an unconventional flare gas recovery system
-Abdulaziz H. Al-Tijani, Irfan Ashiq, March 01, 2021

An unconventional flare gas recovery system (FGRS) can be designed without a gas compressor to collect the boiloff gas from the ethane tank to the boilers at the utility area.

The smart gas plant: An integrated, intelligent gathering and processing super system
-Andrew Nathan, Craig Harclerode, March 01, 2021

Midstream operators typically own both the gathering networks that transport natural gas and the downstream treating and processing facilities that convert this raw feed into marketable products, such as residue gas and Y-grade NGL.

U.S. Industry Metrics
-Adrienne Blume, March 01, 2021

Full-year 2020 data for LNG exports from the U.S., released by the EIA in March, show that U.S. LNG exports averaged 6.6 Bft3d on a yearly basis and increased 1.6 Bft3d (32%) year-on-year.



Global Project Data
-September 08, 2020

Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database and Gulf Energy Information’s Energy Web Atlas are tracking 330 active gas processing/LNG projects around the world.


Energy Web Atlas

Global -Project -Data -Fig -01_500x 279 (1)

Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database and Gulf Energy Information’s Energy Web Atlas are tracking nearly 400 active gas processing/LNG projects around the world. As shown on the map below, Asia-Pacific is the leader in total active projects globally, followed by the U.S. Most capital expenditures in the Asia-Pacific region are for LNG import terminals in China and India Read More

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Editorial Comment
-Adrienne Blume
What are “green technologies,” and why do we need them in gas processing and LNG?
Executive Viewpoint: GTI’s Hydrogen Technology Center makes big strides in H2 projects, advocacy
-Kristine Wiley
To address the many challenges and opportunities in the world’s energy future, the U.S.-headquartered, global-focused GTI recently launched a Hydrogen Technology Center with world-class research and development capabilities.
Regional Focus: India leaps forward on natural gas infrastructure
-Gordon Feller
The operator of Europe’s largest natural gas transmission network is working to invest in the Indian gas pipeline business.

Throughput optimization for pipelines and gas plants

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Many processes within oil and gas pipelines and processing plants depend on maintaining specific temperatures and pressures at which the process fluids are liquids or gases. In addition, anytime water is a component in the process fluid hydrates can form and plug piping and vessels. Learn how Sensia’s Throughput optimization solution allows operators, and control systems to “see inside” the process in real time to understand where the facility is operating with respect to critical physical constants, including the phase envelope and hydrate temperature. This insight allows for more stable operation, reduced energy expenditure and associated emissions, and greater facility throughput. Case studies will include controlling methanol injection, managing heaters, virtual sensors for sulfur recovery units and more.

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