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Maximum fill volume in propane, butane and LPG pressurized storage tanks

This article details the maximum fill volume for propane, butane and LPG storage tanks at processing facilities.

Carbon formation and removal in the steam reforming process

This article documents research by various recognized authors and sources on the basis of reforming carbon formation and removal, how catalyst potassium promotion can help to remove the carbon laydown and reduce the steam-to-carbon ratio, as well as the calculation basis of the steam-to-carbon ratio over the steam reforming process.

Global pipelines construction outlook 2024—Part 2

This article will provide a forecast on pipeline construction in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Middle East.

The science behind amine column corrosion and remedial solutions

This article examines how and why corrosion takes place within amine columns and the corrosion mitigation strategies available.

Global pipelines construction outlook 2024: New LNG terminals sound call for more pipelines—Part 1

Mike Reed, Editor-in-Chief, Pipeline & Gas Journal, provides an overview of capital investments in pipeline construction. Part 1 examines capacity builds in North America, and Central and South America.

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