Global Project Data

Lee Nichols, Gulf Publishing Company

Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database is tracking more than 1,400 active projects in the hydrocarbon processing industry. Nearly 25% of the HPI’s active projects are within the gas processing/LNG sectors. Most of these projects—approximately 35%—are in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by the U.S. (21%). Since regional, national and local lockdowns and travel restrictions—effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—have eased, new gas processing/LNG projects have increased over the past several months. At the height of global lockdowns, new project announcements in the sector fell to 4 in April. However, new project announcements have begun to increase, reaching 18 in November. GP

Global Project Data Fig 01

Active gas processing/LNG projects by region
Source: Energy Web Atlas and the Construction Boxscore Database


Global Project Data Fig 02
New gas processing/LNG project announcements, November 2019–November 2020


Global Project Data Fig 03
Active project market share by activity level


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